Semilla y Exportacion SLU

SESUR Semilla y Exportación SLU

is a technical service company situated in the south of Spain. Our principal product is the potato, where we specialized in the development of varieties in the Mediterranean zone together with the principal European seed houses.

SESUR realizes commercial and strategic projects in the potato sector and organizes and controls the supply of potatoes from Spain, Portugal and France for specific customer defined programs.

SESUR is also providing other products and services located in Spain and Portugal, specialising in the export of fruit and vegetables from the best producers, from both organic and conventional farmers.

We seek sustainable production with maximum respect for the environment and native biodiversity.

In order to provide maximum security to our customers the packing plants we work with all meet European norms regarding good production and handling practices and have the necessary certifications required by European protocols, such as Global GAP /-Grasp /-Spring, QS, BRC and / or IFS Certificates.

At SESUR we offer fruit and vegetables with the highest food safety, with controls and traceability from the beginning of the growing season onwards; quality control by our technicians and growers begins from the moment the seed is planted and continues during the entire growth, harvest, size and quality selection and packing.

Orientation towards QUALITY guarantees legality and food safety for consumers, rationalising the whole production chain process from field and harvesting to the final end product.

At SESUR we offer the possibility to programme crops, in order to ensure that continuity of anticipated supply. Our sales team is available to serve you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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