Semilla y Exportación SL

Potato Sales 

The professional sales of potatoes is an essential part of SESURs business activity


Early potatoes

SESUR produces and trades with early potatoes from following production zones:

·          South of Spain,

·          Portugal,

·          Mallorca,

Time period: April  - July


Ware potatoes

SESUR produces and trades with ware potatoes from following production zones:

·          France

·          Spain

·          Germany

·          Great Britain

Time period: June - May


Seed potatoes

Due to its history of variety trialling, SESUR can offer an excellent cooperation relationship to European seed houses. SESUR’s staff have variety know-how gleaned from up to 25 years of growing experience, own-production, variety trials and production supervision. So we can recommend to producers and clients, in an independent and technically reliable way, those varieties which best fit their programmes.



Edmund Wright has been working for more than 25 years in the production, storage and processing of industrial potatoes.

The possible production zones of industrial potatoes are:

For early potatoes

·          Spain

·          Portugal

·          Mallorca


·         France

Time period:

·          Early potato: April - June

·          France: October - June



SESUR is working in the following markets / countries:


·          Spain

·          Portugal

·          Italy

·          France

·          Benelux

·          Germany

·          Great Britain

·          Austria

·          Czech Republic

·          CEE Countries