Semilla y Exportación SL

Project Organisation 



SESUR organizes production programs for early potatoes mainly from Spain and Portugal. SESUR’s activities are following: 

Selection of varieties

Together with our partners we select varieties for different markets, selected for suitability for the soil and growing conditions, the timing of delivery, cooking and taste qualities, etc.


Choosing the farmer and the fields. These will be selected according to the soil type, microclimate and quality requirements.

Technical support and control

SESUR controls the planting, growing and harvesting activities.


SESUR organises, controls and carries out the certification for the required audit systems for the different production units (e.g. GlobalGAP, QS).


Transport is organised with long-time logistic partners, so that we can guarantee a professional and on-time delivery of delicate early potatoes to our customers.


Project Control

SESUR also offers the possibility of controlling and coordinating production contracted by other suppliers to customers, with reference to issues such as variety selection, field selection, quality, yield and harvest prediction (quality, quantity and timing)


Introduction of new varieties

SESUR acts within and outside of Europe. The connections to our partners and our technical know-how allows us the undertake projects of different sizes.